The mother of wise King Lemuel warned him not to spend his strength on women who ruin kings. Who are these women who ruin kings? What are their attributes? How are they able to ruin Kings?

A king sits in a place of authority and power. His strong leadership position is coveted. Not every woman wants to partner with the high profile or purpose-laiden leader. Still, there are those women who only have appetite for kings…men in high esteem…powerful…visible and known. For some, they know it’s their GOD-given call to partner with such a man. Meanwhile others are sent to take them down. These women are equipped and strong in their craftiness, employing strategies their colleagues would blush at. They wield a power that is able to disarm any king who has his guard down. Rich in worldly wisdom, she has a way around such men.

Take Delilah for example…she was a strategist who the Philistine army knew had access in ways they never could. What an army could not do to trap Samson, Delilah could at the bat of a lash. She weakened the strongest man in the world by first tangling his heart and blinding his mind. Her charm disarmed Israel’s great warrior and made play-dough of his brain.

What did Delilah know? She knew how to gain his trust. She knew how to be a safe place for him. She knew how to sooth and affirm him. She had strategy as she played his heart as a harp….until she conquered him and thwarted his purpose. Solomon warned his son…

Solomon’s warning to his son…

Women, you are powerful and are either under the influence of light or darkness. When rightly aligned to GOD you can fuel a man’s dreams and call forth his greatness. Your subtle encouragement can revive his passion for purpose. Why? You are given the power of influence. Not the influence that makes your body and beauty a tool of entrapment and manipulation, or your charm an overpowering force that arrests his will.

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Lemuel’s mom in the same breath warned him about women and wine. Women and wine?

What do they have in common? Influence.

Before you turn on the charm again…consider whose influence you’re under. You’re not of those who ruin kings!