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Tania Case

 Author, Journalist,  Motivational Speaker and Blogger

I believe marriage done right is a fountain of life. I’m thrilled to see a man and a woman in the process of knitting together to become a beautiful force together. Yes…I do believe that when a man’s heart is conquered by a woman, he’ll trip over himself to impress this treasure he has found. Yet, even treasures can be easily overlooked if not processed well. Helping women to be prepared for flourishing marriages through inner healing and wise counsel has become my mantra.

I am merrily married to Errington Case for 18 years and we have three spectacular children.  We both counsel couples as well as singles in our role as Community Pastors at Fellowship Tabernacle Church in Kingston, Jamaica.  Before getting married we were excited to prepare for this journey together and so we read profusely.
Now,  I want to cultivate quality women on their way to “I do,”(no matter how far from it)  helping them to unpack their past and become complete, lacking nothing before marriage. Can the past block women from meaningful relationships that lead to marriage? Absolutely! Let’s talk about it right here.
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