You expect to get some deep truths right here at I dig the Word for applicable gems and chisel them out just for you. While this particular blog might not be so deep, it will certainly be impacting. I enjoy speaking about the soul and the spirit and just having your inside well sorted out. However, today we are taking a look on your outside. Yes…the sweet and fantastic you, packaged in clothing, jewelry, etc. which introduces your self to the world.

Does appearance Matter?
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Does appearance matter?

I remember watching my mom get ready to go to the airport and said…”All of that to go to the airport where nobody knows you?” She replied, “How you carry yourself tells people how to treat you.” That was a wisdom nugget collecting moment. I also observed my sister, while I was single, as she prepares to return home to her husband after a few weeks away. She would wear a very attractive outfit and made sure she looked amazing. Again I asked why. She said she had to let her husband see what he had been missing for the last few weeks. I decided to pocket that gem as well.

GOD shows off HIS creative skills.
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While some of us need not hear, “put yourself together properly,” others are convicted of the “Just as I am” song. (side note: Don’t use make up to create a total different face, but enhance your assets) Since your close friends are afraid to tell you the truth as you dream about your fab look husband, I’ll tell you. “Put yourself together!” A little powder and some lipstick can go a long way. Clothes that look like they actually fit will take you further. I know you don’t think it takes all of that, but attractions most often begins with the physical. Ask the birds and other animals who know what it takes to attract a mate. Do you see the details GOD put into making the exotic birds, flowers, the sunset… and you are the cream of His creation…come on! Help your husband find you! Put yourself together!

Sorry, if I’m shouting.

Several times the Bible uses the phrase “as a bride adorns herself for her husband.” It’s been a while since women have been looking good for their husbands.

The world knows this key and works it. The eye gate is a powerful thing on a man. You want him to know your personality? He has to get pass your face, your smile, your clothes and your attitude.

Happy is attractive!

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For you who would not even buck a toe on the deportment issue, let’s beautify you yet! I spend a good amount of time on the heart or soul, because your beauty starts there. The attitude you display can be experienced indirectly and is enough to send men into flight or fight mode. No sensible man goes looking for a problem. If your disposition is always, “I have a problem,” you’ve built an atmosphere of negativity around you and only the brave dare enter. You know life is not fair when you develop laugh lines but not frown lines. Anyhow, let the man’s challenge be to win your heart, not to scale the walls of issues around you to finally get to you.

It may hurt…but I love you!

Be the best you!

A friend of mine once told me he has yet to see a woman who is completely satisfied with her body. Your aim is to be the best you. Work on that! If that means cutting out some foods out of your diet to shed some pounds, don’t let it come through the door. If it means exercising, start small and build up. Be patient with yourself but don’t give yourself too much room to slack off. Remember, you don’t have to “feel like it.” (check previous blog) “I Don’t Feel Like It.”

Every time I see a woman on the road looking unkempt, I resolve that she has no friends. Be a friend and share this blog with genuine friends who you want to “pull it together” for their best self. Encourage this friend, even if it’s you, that they are valuable and worthy of love…real love.