If there is a pet peeve I have in life, it’s watching an under-interested guy waste a well-meaning girl’s time. Gliding by and watching these relationships ensue…I get a “Color Purple” flashback!

Singing“Sister…you’ve been on ma mind…sister we’re two of a kind…oh my dear Sista..I’m keeping my eyes on you.”

I’m keeping my eyes on you…make sure you have an inner circle of sisters to speak truthfully and lovingly into your life. There are two sides to the powder puff. Some sisters have now abruptly retired from this role because friends pulled away having heard a word of caution and have even resolved that they were jealous of the relationship. Yes, I understand. A wise friend often knows when to go mute on certain topics, especially at the risk of losing the friendship all together.

On the other side, there are girlfriends who meddle in relationships while trying to manipulate it for their own benefit. Truthfully though, not every friend is an inner circle (Icy) friend. So there must be those you can allow to prayerfully watch over your relationship. They will see what’s in your blind spot and possibly save you some wasted years. Pinpoint those “Icy” friends and value them.

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Who wants to be in a relationship with someone who is not passionate about them? Sadly some relationships are about filling a gap…or just having something to do. Aren’t you worth more than that? In such a relationship, you get the feeling that you’re a side order, which can easily be done without. Who’s got time for that when you could be building the foundation of lifelong relationship. This is why dating all kinds of people is tiring. Some of you ladies know you’re the one wasting a gentleman’s time when you’re just occupying your time. Please step out of the way of that woman’s husband. I hear a woman all the way at the back of the auditorium shouting and clapping ..”yes..yes!” One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

Do not allow anyone to come and park his car at you front door when the relationship is going no where. Often times you excuse the lackluster treatment hoping for a brighter day. I must say, if there is no sense of cherish now, he’s not convinced he’s found his “good thing.” You are someone else’s “good thing”-he will confirm it with a ring. I recently asked a gentleman if a girl he’s been seeing is worth it. He quickly responded, “No, not really!”

How could we then expect him to love her as Christ loves the Church and gave himself for her? When he is convinced about his “good thing” his answer will be different.