“Achoo! What did you say?

Anyone who dutifully tastes his or her words before spitting them out, is named among the wise.  Our world is woefully in need of the truth. A husband may quickly caution his wife about how she packages and presents the truth.  Certainly,  it is risky to tell the truth without tact. As a matter of fact, a tactless truth falls among lies and can be just as destructive.

“I was just saying.”

A dry-humored son runs to his mom and affirms his career of choice: comedy. Hmmmn…it’s the perfect opportunity to empower this child along the lines of his gifts and talent without killing his enthusiasm.

It may sound erroneous, but not every truth deserves to be heard. Who wants to hear or “needs” to hear, “you look fat,” or “age is doing a number on you.”  The greatest truth about telling the truth is why we tell the truth! Are we seeking vindication or promotion? Maybe we just want to set a person free or help them up.  Maybe we want to put things in perspective so excellent decisions can be made.

“Would you just listen?”

There is a myriad of reasons to tell the truth as long as our motive is pure.  In the case of relationships, don’t just taste your words.  Consider if this truth can be received by this person at this time. Bear in mind…no matter how it is packaged, some people suffer from truth allergy! “Achoo!”

“If that’s what you have to say, don’t bother.”