Here I was thinking forever. Years of conversations knitted our hearts together. No telling where my dream began and where his ended. We were woven into a knot…yes bonded.  It wasn’t because we didn’t have problems, doesn’t everyone?

We were music, notes, melody – a strong song.  I couldn’t tell the color of those waving flags along the way. But I could see myself caring for him until I was old and gray.

Feelings of indigestion with things that didn’t settle with me. I toughened up lay them aside…I sacrificed for “we.”

Then in one surreal moment… rhinos ran ransacked my reality. A slight dissent brought us to a calamity…I was sure he was joking. My words like a cushion I’m tossing… across the room but he’s not catch it. I’m lost! No smile back. He wrapped up the years with a bow on top. “You’re a misfit for my future.” The room reverberate my shock!

I can’t say I saw it coming…haven’t seen much lately…like my personal identity… or my faithful friends who warned me…you’re wifing way too early. Imagine me…wifing before the ring.