Swirling around in my thoughts for days are these words I’ve not associated with the other: appetite, desire, self-control. Appetite is itself a desire for something. Consider this, the same appetite governs the physical and the emotional life of a person. Without self control an unchecked desire will rule and have dominion over you.

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Ask Olga… Olga has a hefty appetite for food. Everyone around Olga accommodates her appetite and even stands in awe of her ability to eat so much. Only her very close friends pull her aside after she has thrown down before a large gathering and give her words of caution. Olga shrugs it off and considers her next conquest since her appetite is not yet satisfied. Who is in charge here? A better question is, what is behind this appetite? Answer that and fad dieting will be a thing of the past.

An appetite for food is readily understood, but what about an appetite for attention? Consider an appetite for winning that causes your worst side to surface until you blush with embarrassment after the win. What about an appetite for sexual pleasure that drives you further than biblical boundaries? Appetites are driven by desires and desires can be motivate by a need to compensate for a lack. Whatever the lack, the fruit of the Spirit, self-control is the power we have to keep ungodly appetites in check.

Self-control is the power you and I have to be the boss of our appetites. If you’re not in control, who is?

Story Time

Story Time…

Tashi notices that the new guy in the office is showing an exceptional amount of attention to Alicia, who is not as attractive and charming as she is. Tashi ponders why Alicia. She must up her game. While she considers how to become more visible to “new boy,” Tashi has not even considered if she likes him. That’s not her objective. She is after getting her usual gratification from being desired. Tashi studies him and strikes, the young man is flattered and lights up with excitement about Tashi, who cares nothing for him but enjoys the victory.

Hidden beneath our unchecked appetite is a desire, which may be motivated by an unspoken need, whether this need was formed by trauma or lack, it exists. At times we are so out of touch with ourselves that we don’t realize that we have formed a personality around a defect.

So what do we do?

  • Identify the appetite
  • Note the desire that’s running with the appetite
  • Prayerfully seek to find its root cause
  • Repent
  • Ask GOD for a greater grace to walk in self control

Failure to deal with ungodly appetite in one area of your life can spill over in other areas of life.

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