“It looks like it. Is it? I’ve prayed for this and waited patiently and impatiently. I thought I knew how it would come and the way it would be presented. Still, this thing does have every element of what I have prayed for, but this is just not how I would imagine GOD delivering this answer. Now that I’m looking closer, the package is a little uncertain. Maybe I asked for the wrong thing…I’m not sure about this.”

Have you ever had your prayers answered and all of a sudden feel threatened by it? You may begin negotiating its relevance, which clearly indicates that while you were waiting for the answer you had no plan for its arrival. It could be that you only interfaced with it in your imagination and when it shows up it threatens your reality. Guess what, you’re either not prepared for it or you’re afraid. Why? You know you can really mess it up! Often times it feels like you are not the one in control and that makes you feel quite uncomfortable.

Yes, you have to let go and receive what GOD has for you even if it’s not a mirror image of what you had in mind. Receive by faith. So if those feelings come to tell you how you will certainly wreck this, talk to Father GOD and allow Him to realign your quivering heart.

If the answer has not yet patted your shoulder, be real about welcoming the answer and prepare yourself.