Elkanah was torn between his two wives.  (an excellent reason to have one wife) Peninnah took pride in her ability to produce children for her husband while Hannah suffered her insults, having been made barren by GOD. Yes, I said by GOD! Hannah’s husband indeed loved her but it was “Not enough to fill the void of not having a child!” Hannah shouted.

You know that issue that you have been praying to God about repeatedly and nothing seem to move?  Well the Elkanah family was familiar with visiting the temple at least once a year to bring offering unto the Lord.  At this point Peninnah weighed in heavy on Hannah until she felt desperate.  I can image her saying to Hannah, “You think your pretty looks and charm can satisfy our husband when year after year you come to the temple with not even one child of your own? Ha!” 

Hannah could take no more, given she was not the type of girl to set Peninnah ablaze with some choice words.  All she ever wanted was to be a mother. It was all she thought about and imagined for years.  However, with this visit to the temple, she was undone.  She pleaded with GOD.  Her soul was afflicted and she had arrived at a place of self-abandonment.  No words!!

Could it be that this was where GOD wanted Hannah all along?  In her plea bargain with GOD, GOD took opportunity to strike a deal with someone to whom he could release a gift that she would not keep to herself but give back to Him.  This took the processing of a soul.  Often times when we want something we want it for our own use instead of for the building up of GOD’s Kingdom.  Could it be that the delay on our answered prayer is due to the state of our soul?

woman laughing while standing near tree
A prosperous soul….

“Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper even as your soul prosper.” Our prosperity is soul related.  Some persons are owned by what they have and the purpose GOD had in giving the gift was for the world to benefit.  Back to our supporting character Peninnah, without her provoking Hannah, Hannah might not have been pushed to the place of being completely yielded to GOD’s plan and purpose.  God needed a true prophet! One steeped in HIS presence. Samuel wore an ephod, a priestly garment, from he was a boy.  He slept in the presence of GOD and became one of Israel’s greatest prophets.  So great was his relationship with GOD that GOD promised that not one of Samuel’s word would fall to the ground.  At the end of the deal GOD got a completely sold out prophet and Hannah got her son plus five more children.

So what does GOD want to do with you? What state is he trying to get your heart in so that the gift you faithfully remind him of can be released in your life?  Why do you want what you want and how can it benefit the Kingdom of GOD? I know this is an ouch! Come on! Recalibrate your motive and align yourself so God has to bless you. Here’s a hug from me to you!