I Love being Woman!

“I looove being Woman!”

Sometime ago I attended a major event with foods of many cultures…it was heavenly for a foodie. A lady, feeling thrilled at the spread of foods and pleased to be plump, exclaimed “I love being WOMAN!” Her expression was not a gender comparison but a size distinction. She looked at my skinny frame with pity as she ran her hands down her plump figure. I instantly liked her! She loved herself no matter who didn’t like her figure. While she accepted her body and self, we might be tempted to think others are in that same category.  When you see women flaunt their feminity in light of it’s power you may think, “such confidence!” Other women look on and summizes, “she’s got it all together.”

Maybe not! Women learn that their bodies and charm can impact men, so they use it! Flaunting and flirting…can be flares sent off indicating an internal deficiency. It says “want me!” Why?

“I feel rejected and I’m not sure who I am. I need to feel wanted. It’s not you that I need more than someone to fill this void, letting me know I am desireable.”

What’s lacking?

We were all made to belong. Nothing is wrong with that desire. That’s why we were placed in families. So when a family fails to affirm, having become a responsible adult she has to acknowledge the emotional gap in order to heal and restore. You may wonder, do I flirt or flaunt? What’s my reason for doing so? Where was a void created in my life and why? You know, the itch that needs scratching.

Some ladies are much more subtle in their expression but their emotional state is the same…since they yearn to be accepted but would not risk rejection.

When you’re truly satisfied within yourself, you’ll be resolved to be yourself and people will be attracted to you.