No Room For More…

Have you ever read Proverbs 8 and felt baffled by why Wisdom worked her way through the streets crying out to the simple? My first thought was Wisdom is much too rare and valuable to be parading in common places petitioning patrons to partake of her. Wisdom? If she is so available why wouldn’t everyone have his or her fill of her?


Simply put, while people may enjoy the idea of gaining Wisdom, very few will make room for her. Everywhere we turn wisdom is strewn along the streets like diamonds and gems. The discerning will soon acknowlege her. I remember observing a tiny flower boasting as it flourishes between a simple crack in a concrete pavement. It made my day! The message: all things are possible, hold on to hope.

With many other voices crying out in the market place, the voice of Wisdom is muted to those who are indifferent. If you think I’m wrong, try sharing your passion with someone who simpy accommodates you. You’re pouring water in an overflowing vessel!

Sadly, sometimes the wisdom you have could make great changes in your friend’s life, but there is no capacity for him or her to receive it. I’m guilty of being so passionate about imparting truth to a friend that I clench their jaws to get it into their mouths. It never works! No capacity! They sometimes enjoy being where they are and borrowing your ears for their music of murmur.

So what do we do? Put the truth in a capsule leave it on the table, let them decide whether to take it or leave it. However, your job has just started. You now pray! Not that they would do what you think they should… but that their capacity for the truth would increase.