If I were an avid servant, a passionate teacher, a keen guide to the next set of successful wives, I’d tell them this…

To have the best marriage you have to have the best prepared persons. The level of your preparation will greatly affect you ability to coalesce and become a force. There’s no beating the system! How can you become one if you think you are the “one” he should become? There’s a slight scent of narcissism on that.

Where does this leaves us? It leaves at Chapter 3 of “Wife Material” – Unpacking the Past. While God wants us to Pray Until Something Happens – PUSH, He wants us to empty our souls of junk we’ve amassed over years of wear and tear. It’s honestly a vulnerable place. Yet only by genuinely seeking GOD to discover the mysteries of your soul…can you even know what to and how to unpack. Only serious Christians would ask GOD to take them through this process. Others will only chime, “I’m waiting on the Lord for my husband.” ( Lips pursed and legs crossed)

I’m reminded of the 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins…The unwise were ill prepared but waited expectantly for their bridegroom. I imagined they looked at the wise virgins with their lamps glistening with oil and resolved, “They are way too spiritual. It doesn’t take all of that!”

Getting free from the impact trauma and disappointments had on you makes you so much easier to live with, to work with and to be friends with. We’ll soon deal with telltale signs that you’ve got a soul wound.