“Come on Wife Material…push!”

“Already done,” he echoed.

“In School,” this has long been my status on WhatsApp. I don’t think I’ll ever want to change it, since life continues to teach you what you could never learn in school. In life, assuming the role of a student often allows you to reap the greatest rewards. One of my sons was always a tough one to motivate until he became a part of a production (GEM). He had such a tedious schedule and along with school. I thought…this would really result in a greater demand on me to get him to do what was necessary and to go where was necessary. I pscyched myself up like Sisyphus to role the boulder up the hill. “Come on…let’s go..do this…take that…remember this! As I placed my shoulder against the boulder, to my surprise it seemed automated. The boulder had enough momentum to carry itself! So I shouted to him, “Remember your gears….and!”

So, you’re wondering what this has to do with you? Alot! What have you been praying passionately about? Does your prayer include marriage? If so, consider that marriage is really not only about you. Yes…if you consider that, it would help you to pray more passionately and purposefully about it. Let me remind you that your marriage is about a united God-given purpose, producing righteous seeds and reflecting the mystery of Christ’s love for HIS Church. I said all of this to say push in prayer for your marriage…not in an obsessive way. Yet you cannot afford to have a casual attitude toward it. Increasingly this world is discrediting marriage and painting a negative image of it. What if you’re called to model an exceptional kingdom marriage? It begins in the spirit before the physical manifestation…like everything else. Pray it through.