Real Wife Material

There’s nothing like sitting with someone who has been where you’re going, sipping tea and enjoying something delicious.  Today, prep the tea and crumpets and come sit with one of my best friends.  Hear about the unexpected spouse that God chose for her and the wisdom she gathered along the way. 

Girlfriend to Girlfriend  

What I’ve Learned After 17 Years of Marriage

So as I turned 27, single and selfish, my focus was on me. But God prepares each of us for what we need and when we need it. I can’t say that I was anxiously waiting to be married or looking for marriage when I met my husband. However, I did seldom pray for “that person” that God would bring into my life but I prayed with my own list of criteria that I presented to God for what I wanted at that time in my life. So I would fancy myself praying for a husband that fits my criteria. When I met my husband he was none of those things on my list! So I didn’t see him in a romantic way. But because he was so charming, intelligent and handsome man, I tried to set him up with a close friend that I thought would be a great match. You see, he wasn’t my “ideal” but as I prayed about my list, my criteria for that perfect husband, God showed me his face and it was this incredible person that I was trying to match up with my close friend. I laughed out loud to myself in disbelief but after that day, my feelings for him started to change.

He was not what I would’ve chosen for myself – not in a million years. It had to have been God, or I would have never given him an honest look. He was this skinny, innocently shy, totally honest yet vulnerable college sophomore with no job and no spending money. Plus he was not only a few years younger but he looked 10 years younger. I won’t go into what my ideal was because looking back it’s laughable and a little embarrassing. But God knew what I needed then and what I need now 21 years later. In our 17 years of marriage, we’ve learned a lot about each other and we’ve grown closer as a couple. It may sound cliché to say marriage is work but it truly does take work and great effort.  I will share with you some of the gems that I believe make a beautiful marriage.

Join us for the continuation of this Real Wife Material’s story in our next blog.