By Tania Case

Such a striking operation now activated…Moving over cultures, crossing national barriers to stand even in congregations. It’s mantra subliminally compels all to bow and kiss its ring. Good is overrated and bad is celebrated…

Without converging internationally nations ascribe to uniformity… crutched upon the walking stick of compromise.

Truth once taught is intolerable, even profane and downright abominable

Who dares the rare level-headed one to publicly unclothe truth, removing duct-tape and handcuffs?

Such shame would shroud him…vicious sharp adjectives slashes through the layers of his skin

What after all is brilliant light to the darkened eyes and hearts – but an insult!

We’re cozied up and comforted in these overshadowed days, we pull past archaic norms that would obstruct our way.

The spirit of the age makes ‘fraid the brave

The phlegm covered truth – a rarity now but in the near past was esteemed like royalty. Where you there?

When silently the door swung open to political correctness… as it stealthily walked in respect was bestowed upon it

All acknowledge they must avoid offense to make the unity flow. Tolerance with militancy stood at ease beside him ready to penalize the poorly-mannered.

Though the majority the truth did carry, a powerfully passive silence laid them low. They anticipated though that some familiar voice would upset the Quo….but no….no…one waited for another. That’s how we got here brother…paying homage to the spirit of the age.