Have you ever met a real life enzyme inhibitor? I mean he almost looks like the appropriate one. Pardon the science lesson.

Recalling my chemistry class, enzymes have a substrate within which to fit. Once that enzyme meanders its way to its proper site – Boom! There is a reaction and the catalyst creates the desired reaction in the body.

Follow along even if you hate chemistry.

If he attaches to the friendly enzyme he could distort the site the right shaped enzyme is to attach and stop the reaction.

Now, if the slick smooth talking ill-shaped enzyme gets to a site not intended for it and forces its way, that reaction will be grossly reduced or never happen. Strangely, this bit of chemistry is etched in my mind especially as I think of relationships.

There are times when I see a guy, who has no plan for permanency, hanging around an unassuming lady and I just want to whisper…”Enzyme Inhibitor.”

He’s an E-I, Enzyme Inhibitor.”

Why? He is only occupying her space until he finds something better to do! He is an enzyme blocker! Why is he dangerous? Not only is he wasting her time, but like an enzyme inhibitor, he can disfigure the space intended for the other brother until he cant find that place in her heart. He has bent her out of shape.

Even her very purpose can be disfigure if she is not healed and restored. Have you met an “Enzyme Inhibitor?” He is ill-equipped to handle your heart and has scant regard for your value and vision. Run!!!! For all that you know is within you and must one day be delivered to this world, run!

Another name for an “Enzyme Inhibitor” is Ishmael. He is so close to the promised one, but is not the one. He came out of your human wisdom and rational earthbound thoughts. However, Isaac, the real man, is born of the Spirit of GOD.

You will recognize an “Enzyme Inhibitor” when you have to morph into someone else to fit in his world. You will not measure up. Why? He stopped with the wrong someone. You find yourself in the seat of compromise making excuses for him because there are three things on your list of 20 that he checks off.

Refocus: get back in GOD’s presence and give him up. For HE knows the plans HE has for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. (Jer 29:11) The longer you stay the more permanent this damage can be to your heart. Remember the one who deserves you waits. It takes the right person to catalyze the purpose you were intended to accomplish. Don’t risk an “Enzyme Inhibitor.”

“Enzyme Inhibitors reduce the rate of an enzyme catalysed reaction by interfering with the enzyme in some way. This effect may be permanent or temporary.” https://alevelnotes.com/notes/biology/biological-molecules/enzymes/enzyme-inhibitors