Faith changes us before it changes our circumstances. Hebrews 11:1 describes it as a confidence in what you hope for and an assurance that you have what you have not yet seen manifested. Rebekah had it! Gen 24…Her faith took on flesh and she did not bat an eye to recognize it, when Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for his son Isaac. The nervous servant followed the script and stopped by the well, where he prayed for GOD to help him locate this wife for his master’s son. Before he ended his prayer, the beautiful Rebekah appeared.

Did she know that she was walking into a set moment? Maybe not. She might have worn her favorite dress. Instead, she had on the kindness that was already woven into her character. Encountering a complete stranger and offering to help a man who was not even a husband-hopeful, flowed naturally for Becky. She got him a drink of water and in addition offered to water his camels too. The unnamed servant watched in awe, wondering if GOD could be this good and answer so quickly. Yes! Rebekah checked all his boxes and he presented her with a gift and asked to overnight at her parent’s house.

In the morning, the servant having divulged the purpose of his visit and asked for Rebekah, was ready to return to his master. All of a sudden, Becky’s parents decided that the servant should wait 10 more days to take their Rebekah. The servant was not in agreement and protested. Finally, her parents suggested calling Rebekah and ask her what she preferred. The readied Rebekah had no sentimental attachment to her family home and promptly agreed to move on to the life she had waited for. Her faith produced and so will yours.

So, are you Rebekah ready with faith intact?