If I were to ask you if you knew what you’re husband looks like, would you say yes? Keep smiling…Surely you have spoken to GOD about him repeatedly. No, I’m not referring to a vague groan of a plea requesting a husband. You have a standard and even if you hide it from yourself, you have an expectation too.  What if you were to dream with GOD? Before you draw a blank, consider that everything that was made came out of the imagination.  Imagination is the workshop for what our physical eyes see.

“Hello, I am your husband.”

So how do you dream with GOD?

Whenever you know you are truly in His presence and have a great sense of Him and you go to pray, don’t fail to bring the desires of your heart to GOD.  In this place, your desire is under the influence of GOD’s presence and you will pray differently.  The things you will ask for concerning your husband will be more meaningful and eternally valuable. Wait until His presence is sweet and you’re overcome by HIM. Pray about his character, purpose and his development in GOD.

There were two marked experiences I had while praying for my husband – one deviously negative and one purposefully positive. Let’s look at them both.

Story time…

Once upon a story time…

Having had my devotions, my mind wondered and I began to talk to GOD flippantly about my husband.  I thought, “why not tell GOD what I want him to be wearing when I meet him?”  I described the exact outfit, making sure to note what I was requesting.  Months later, I was being picked up for a rehearsal at my mentor’s house by a “friend” of mine.  I knew he was standing in the living room and I was finishing up a task for our skit.  I heard a voice speak to me, “look at what he is wearing.”  I looked up immediately! I was stunned. Jeans shirt, floral tie, khaki pants and brown shoes never had that effect on me.

I consoled myself on the ride over. “This is a fluke.”  Besides, months earlier GOD spoke to my heart during devotions and instructed me to have nothing more than a friendship with this guy. The night was just beginning!

After arriving at my mentor’s house, she introduced the guest speaker for the conference we had been preparing for.  Before we could begin rehearsal, the guest speaker called my friend and told him not to worry about me, since I’ll come around and we’d be married soon. I went numb. We drove home in frigid silence. The weekend was just beginning!

At the heights of the conference, the guest speaker called out my friend.  The audience, which was filled with most of my small-church members, was stirred and the speaker began to prophesy. You guessed it! It was all about the two of us getting married.  I went outside and had strong words with God.  “God, if this is you, I do not know you!” It was not that he was not a great guy, but I knew God said “no” months before as well as the fact that our purposes and passions collided. 

It was time to fast and seek God until…After three days God responded.  “Do not believe the lies they have prophesied in my Name. I did not send them.”  There was a skillful eavesdropper noting my prayer.

In less than two years I married my husband. Sadly, my wonderful friend died of a brain aneurysm that no one saw coming. I would have been a widow if I had not known a personal GOD.  

When I spent time in His presence and there prayed for my actual husband before we met, I understood how to pray.  In the place of intimacy with GOD, I learnt he was not yet saved and prayed accordingly.  There were times I prayed for him to be receptive to what God was teaching him. The Spirit of God searches all things and reveals truths to us.