As a guest speaker at a singles event, I was excited to get into my message.  Just before my message I asked the predominantly female crowd, “How many of you want to be married?” For a moment I was confused and wondered if I had mixed up my engagements.  “These are single people right?” Again I asked and…slowly a few hands went up. As I engaged these beautiful people that night, I realized that many were simply embarrassed to admit that they wanted to be married. 

Hmmmnn….looks like a crafty ploy. It’s as crazy as saying, “You want to be married? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!” At this point the guards rush in and usher you to the gallows.

Why is this shame even being cast on singles to suffocate their dream of doing the most common command GOD gave man – “be fruitful and multiply.” There’s a mission afoot to twist the truth and erode expectations. But…You’re not partnering with that lie nor the one that tells you you’re too old? Ironically, people are proud of the most obnoxious behaviors and desires. What about marriage could possible fall in that category? Speak and embarrass the lie.  “Marriage is a good thing and I’m pleased to have my portion!”

You’ll eat the fruit of your lips. 
From the fruit of their lips people enjoy good things, but the unfaithful have an appetite for violence. Prov 13:2 (NIV)  

Could it be though that singles are also embarrassed because they feel vulnerable when admitting their availability? Is it such a hidden tender secret, which if it gets out it may ruin one’s social life? 

I provoke you to put marriage on your lips. 

Once upon a story time….

Story time:  I was always talking about my husband with my good friends, describing the kind of man he would be.  One day my married friend got tired of me. “Why are you always talking and praying about your husband? Don’t you think I prayed for mine, and look at what I ended up with!”  You would expect me to end the conversation there, seeing that my friend was clearly angry.  In ignorant innocence I asked, “Jill, did GOD give him to you or did you take him?”  I didn’t have a friend for a few days.  Eventually, she called and apologized.  I was surprised, thinking I had blown it.  She then admitted that she help herself to a husband at a vulnerable time in her life.  She had walked away from GOD and got into a relationship with this man.  I appreciated her honesty.  If I hadn’t known better, I  could have re-calibrated my faith, thinking GOD doesn’t care for those details, but HE cares.  The details I speak of are related to his character. I repeatedly tell my husband that I formed him in prayer. Give GOD something to work on. Put marriage on your lips!

“Put marriage on your lips and engage your faith to see it.”